Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation

Terms and Conditions

With reference to proposal, vide number 253, presented in the council meeting held on 21.09.2019, following are the terms and condition for license for dogs to the owners falling under municipal corporation jurisdiction :

1. License fee:

The license fee charged on pet owner to own a dog would be INR 1000\year(to be paid in the month of April every year)

2. Renewal of license:

  • The license would be valid for a period of one year and same would expire on the 31st of march every year(Period: 1st of april to 31st march)
  • Renewal of the license would be done after the satisfactory report of the Municipal commissioner\license authority and proof of vaccination record issued by registered veterinarian.
  • For the renewal of license, the applicant has to apply for it between 1st and 30th of April every year.
  • If any application for license would be received after the 30th of April and before 31st may, the applicant has to pay a fine of INR 500 along with the initial license charges of INR 1000.
  • If the application is submitted on or after 1st of june applicant has to pay a fine\penalty of INR 50\Day.

3. Terms of license:

  • Individuals owning pets, have to intimate the municipal commissioner\municipal corporation of the ownership of the pet within 15 days of its ownership.
  • the owners must not leave the dog unattended in any public area such as a park, street, roads etc. Also, they shall not allow the pet for open defecation on roads, streets, parks, etc.
  • It is the owner's responsibility that the neighbor and any other individual is not disturbed\have issues with respect to upkeep and comfort of the pet or dog.
  • Running of a dog breeding center is prohibited in any flat\house in residential area for commercial\sales\purchase purpose to avoid any kind of disturbance to the neighbors or any individual.
  • If the owner of the pet, responsible to pay the license fee to municipal corporation, dies or sells the pet off or transfers the pet to some other place or person, this information must be furnished to the authority i.e. Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, within 15 days of such activity in written format.